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Pay Per Click (PPC)

We deliver profitable growth for eCommerce brands through high performing Pay Per Click (PPC) agency services.

With our eCommerce PPC services, you’ll benefit from big brand expertise, with small agency client care.

Introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC)

We’re an eCommerce agency in Portsmouth, Hampshire providing a full range of eCommerce services to businesses and one of our core competencies is Paid Search including PPC.  If you’ve got a great eCommerce website, then you’ll pretty quickly need some PPC support – we’re here to help.

PPC advertising, (which also includes Bing Ads) can be the most profitable and popular form of online advertising if done properly.  It’s also complex, always changing and can be time consuming – we’ve seen many a business waste a lot of money on ineffective PPC campaigns. Don’t be one of them!

Why Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, including advertising on Google, Facebook and other social channels are just some of the digital marketing options available for our clients. As a full service digital marketing agency we have a dedicated expertise to maximise our clients budgets and get the very best results from your PPC investment.

We start by evaluating your target customers journey from the point of initial discovery, purchase intent search through to your landing pages and conversion into new business or revenue. 

Taking a holistic view of the customer journey helps us optimise every stage – minimising wasted budget reducing your click costs / improving your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  Your search terms are constantly monitored and adjusted both within the campaign and on the landing pages to constantly we’re fine tuning your campaign daily.

PPC Management

Amongst our many eCommerce clients, we’re proud to have led the digital strategy for the world’s favourite doughnut brand in the UK and Ireland since 2018 and this includes all Paid Search activity. We’ve managed PPC for Hampshire clients for many years and pride ourselves on high ROI in this channel.

eCommerce Agency

Our PPC Services

PPC Audits

We’ve got a team of PPC experts who have the Google Ads and AdWords management skills and expertise to delve deep into your paid search account and give you an unbiased view of performance.

Ad Landing Pages

Landing pages are a key component of Google’s Quality score and we’re experts at designing and building landing pages that will increase conversion performance and relevancy.

Keyword Research

We analyse visitor intent and utilise the latest keyword research tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush to find the best keywords that work within your budget and beat the competition.

PPC Account Set Up

We craft digital ad strategies using targeting techniques to acquire the perfect customers for your brand and will work to constantly refine creative and copy variants to invigorate ads and optimise your return on ad spend

PPC Management

Whether it’s Google Search, Shopping or Retargeting, our team work daily to optimise from account, campaign, Ad Group & keyword level to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your PPC buck.


Conversion analysis and optimisation is the heart and soul of our business. We work tirelessly until the conversion performance is where it needs to be for client ROI. We live and breathe CRO, especially for eCommerce websites.

Our PPC Expertise

PPC Set Up

Organising your PPC accounts once you've conducted keyword research is critical. From Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) to thematic or channel grouping, this is a phase that's often overlooked and makes tuning campaigns difficult.

Landing Page Optimisation

A key component of PPC success is optimising landing pages for quality score and customer conversion purposes. We've experience of designing and building these out for clients.

Ad Copy

Our PPC copywriting skills have been honed over 15 years when we first became Google Ads certified. There's no substitute for handcrafted copy, split tested over time to see what works best for your campaigns.

What are the benefits of PPC?

Sometimes you need to get  page one rankings for the short term,  or for a sales promotion or perhaps for a highly competitive search term that you do not rank well organically for at the time or for a product or service that is not key to your business. 

It might be that you need to protect your brand from being hijacked by the competition who are bidding on your brand terms.

Whatever your needs, PPC campaigns are measurable, fast and customisable, so are the perfect way to drive quick results in the market for many of our clients.

Pay per click campaigns seem easy to set-up and manage but to get the right results takes time, experience and obsessive commitment to getting into the detail in your PPC account. We’re on hand to help you land your Hampshire PPC campaigns – get in touch today to see how we can help.

Hampshire PPC Experts

Google Ads (which used to be called AdWords) management is key to having successful advertising on Google.  Some view PPC ads as being just as effective as SEO – we don’t see one as better than the other – they compliment one another and you learn about SEO from PPC and vice versa.

As we live in a digitally first world, the competition for visibility in many sectors is super high, which is why you need PPC agency support to drive the best returns from your ad spend.

We’ve been working with Google Ads since 2005 and can offer you the very best Google Ads management services around.

We’ll take care of the key components to a successful paid search campaign – from keyword selection to daily optimisation and testing.

The first principle of Google Ads management that we guide on is bidding strategies. Placing your ad in the auctions run by Google is an essential first step. These auctions are key to Google Ads, as they are used to find the ads which show up when someone conducts a Google search for your business in Hampshire or Chichester.

After we’ve assessed the most appropriate bidding strategy for your business, the next step is to work towards maximising your quality score. This score represents the relevance and quality of the ad you’re trying to place. The score is worked out by Google’s algorithms and the reason behind the score is to ensure that the ad you want to run adds value to the user’s search experience and leads the user to the source of information they set out to find.

Last but not least, we’ll focus on the Ad rank. The rank is based on your bidding and your quality score.

When you conduct a search on Google the lists of ads you see are all ordered by the Ad Rank they’ve been given. The highest position in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) is reserved for the ad with the best score. Our goal as a Hampshire PPC agency is to get your Hampshire the best visibility, click through rates and conversion for the lowest cost per click.

Our PPC Approach

If you’re struggling to beat your competition online or finding your SEO efforts aren’t yielding results quickly enough, the first thing to do is talk to us about SEO!

The second thing to do is talk to us about how a PPC campaign can help you get back on track. We’ll advise you on key components of your digital marketing strategy – looking at every part of the customer journey.

One of the great things about Pay Per Click campaigns is that you have great control over budget, keywords, time of day, audiences etc. If the results of your Pay Per Click campaign are positive, you can scale up instantly, or on the other hand, put a pause on everything if you find it’s not quite working out. Our job is to help you figure these things out on your behalf.

Step 1: Selection of Keywords

Well-selected keywords are super important in any PPC set up. They need to be relevant to your brand, proposition and target audience, providing information to your audience on exactly what you’re offering.

Go to broad and you’ll churn through a ton of budget without much return  – go to niche and the volume won’t always be there. There’s a time and a place for long tail keywords and again, it’s our job to help you balance between the two. 

Step 2: Landing Page Development

Landing page creation is the second step in your PPC journey, ensuring your customers experience a seamless journey from ad to website.

Your landing page should provide customers with the information and solutions they need, as well clear calls to action (CTAs).

Step 3: Ad Creation

A PPC ad requires two critical components –  a headline/copy and a call to action. Typically your keywords are most often left in bold in order to draw potential customers’ attention and are part of the ad headline. The headline can also contain other relevant information although bear in mind that character limits are quite tight and need to be managed.  The second PPC-advert component is your call to action – why should a user do anything once they’ve seen your ad. To buy? Find out more? View a demo? There’s plenty of CTAs to choose from and it’s a key variable in split testing ad copy.

Google has some neat ad extensions – site links, location, product and pricing to name a few. We’ll help you test which ones get you the best CTR and conversion.

Step 4: Measurement

One of the great things about PPC is the visibility of what’s working and what’s not. We’ll help you understand key stats – with the number of times visitors left your landing page without any activity other than browsing (bounce rate), how many times your ad has been seen (impression rates), the number of clicks it gained (also known as CTR), and other feedback. A good Hampshire PPC agency will be all over these metrics (and many more) to understand where, how and when you can optimise.


What do we charge for PPC?

We love nothing more than working with ambitious brands and unlocking digital potential they never knew they had through PPC in Hampshire.

Pricing of our PPC packages is based on whether you’re looking for local or national impact and on the competitiveness of your niche. Small PPC campaign management starts from £199 per month and is directly related to the hours we need to spend on your Pay Per Click account.

Where we work.

Areas covered for our Pay Per Click (PPC) agency services include most of Hampshire for our Hampshire Web Design and also parts of  West Sussex. Key towns and cities include Portsmouth Web Design SouthseaGosportWaterlooville, Hayling Island, Rowlands Castle and in West Sussex, Chichester and Bosham. If you’re outside of these areas, we can help too – we’ve plenty of nationwide clients who we work with successfully. Contact us today to brief your latest web design project.

We believe that the web should be accessible to all and pride ourselves on offering free web design for businesses and charities local to us in Hampshire. Unfortunately due to high demand locally, our community free web design is only available to businesses and charities in Hampshire and West Sussex.