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We build sustainable growth for Portsmouth businesses through ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy that gets you results quickly and sustainably.

With our Portsmouth SEO services, you’ll benefit from big brand expertise, with small agency client care.

Introduction to our Portsmouth SEO Services

We’re a Portsmouth SEO agency providing a full range of eCommerce and web design services to businesses and one of our key capabilities is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you’ve already got a Portsmouth website then you’ll pretty quickly need some SEO support – we’re here to help. If your engaging us for web design, we’ll factor in many of the areas on this page into our build plan.

We have been helping our Portsmouth clients build and promote their websites via SEO since 2005 with an ethical and white hat approach to SEO that pays long term dividends. With a consistent track record and commitment to delivering the very best digital services, we pride ourselves on smashing our Portsmouth client’s SEO targets every time.

SEO is without doubt the most cost-effective strategy to boost your site’s visibility. It’s also beneficial in other key areas – good SEO is totally linked to good customer experience. You can’t really have one without the other without gaming the system.

Regardless of which sector your business is in, SEO increases visibility in SERPs, helps build brand awareness, and drives quality, cost effective traffic to your website. Provided you treat SEO as an ongoing programme, it can deliver higher ROI than any other marketing tactic.

Get a free SEO Audit

What’s included in our Portsmouth SEO Reports?

As part of our SEO Audit, we’ll take a look at on-page and off-page search ranking factors for your website, including:

Content – how many pages are indexed, what is the length and quality of content per page. Is duplicate content an issue for your Portsmouth website?

Keywords – how many keywords does the site currently rank for?

Page Speed – how does Google assess your site, both desktop and mobile?

Local SEO – are citations healthy? Is NAP data consistent?

Backlinks – are inbound links to your Portsmouth website from quality sites and how does your backlink profile compare to competitors?

Metadata – do all pages have unique titles and descriptions and are they relevant to the search terms you want your site to be found for?

Mobile SEO – does the site have any problems when being loaded from a mobile device? Is the content easy to read and navigate from the most popular devices?

Technical SEO – is your robots.txt and sitemap set up correctly? Are there any security challenges to be addressed (SSL is the first thing to check!) Are pages compressed, or CSS, JavaScript files minified and much much more.

Portsmouth SEO Essentials

Our Portsmouth SEO services are structured around our RAT Pack approach – Relevancy, Authority and Technology.


Engaging copy for your Portsmouth website, optimised metadata, internal linking and rich anchor text are all required to optimise for Portsmouth SEO. Without these, your website will really struggle to rank for your chosen keywords.

Great content is key for any successful website – we’ve been writing content that engages customers and hits the spot for search engines for over a decade. But what makes great content? It all begins with in depth research into your industry, competitors, and customers. Understanding how they engage with your business online and what search terms they’re plugging in to Google is key– your content strategy needs to be based on this insight that we glean from the many SEO tools we use.

From here, our Portsmouth SEO team will craft keyword-focused copy that meets the needs of your users and search engines.


In our opinion, authority has the greatest influence on your Portsmouth SEO ranking. Just like customers won’t visit your Portsmouth website if they don’t trust it, Google absolutely won’t rank your website unless it trusts it either.

A website’s authority isn’t straightforward to calculate, but it is based on a combination of factors, including the quality, quantity, variety and relevancy of inbound hyperlinks from other websites. As part of your Portsmouth SEO strategy, we’ll conduct backlink audits, gap analysis and disavow file updates. 

Our key SEO skill is securing you quality inbound links through genuine SEO outreach to relevant and credible bloggers – this white hat approach pays long term SEO dividends.




Underpinning all of our Portsmouth SEO is technical expertise.  Understanding how the technology used to host and serve your site on the internet is key – site speed and performance has a significant effect on SEO.

In a highly competitive digital landscape, ensuring that your website meets the technical requirements of search engines and adheres to SEO best practice is super important.

This is where our extensive SEO expertise gives you an advantage over your competition. As part of your SEO strategy, we’ll do regular technical SEO audits to ensure there’s nothing technical holding you back. Site speed improvements, server issues, crawl errors, website migrations are all areas where we’ll add value, ensuring you beat your competitors in the search engine ranking pages.

Portsmouth SEO FAQs

Local SEO is great for Portsmouth businesses that want exposure specifically in their local area – whether that’s your county, city or even a village. If you are a small business with one location or a national retailer with a presence across multiple locations and want local exposure for each, our Portsmouth SEO services will get you listing on Google’s Map Pack and we’ll get your local citations published on local authority sites.

As your Portsmouth business presence grows in different countries, you will want to connect to  new audiences, in the languages they speak. Our multilingual and multinational SEO services help you create a completely internationalised website to grow and reach your desired target audience and structure your site in line with local search engine requirements.

Whether you are launching a brand new ecommerce website or want to improve the SEO performance of an existing ecommerce site, we create a tailored Portsmouth SEO programme that helps you increase sales and build your brand organically. We start with a current SEO visibility and competition analysis, after that we evaluate the competitiveness and desired keywords to target. In addition to this, we have our own strategy process that looks into user experience on all devices to optimise conversion rates as part of our SEO strategy.

In today’s competitive online world, managing your brand’s online reputation across all  digital endpoints has never been so important. Having a positive brand image helps you build customer loyalty and to increase customer confidence in your brand or products. This ultimately drives sales and revenue. We help you monitor your brand conversations online 24/7 on social media, forums, news sites, search engines and other sources. 

Portsmouth SEO Consulatancy

If you’re currently running a website in Portsmouth and you’re looking to grow your website without throwing lots of money at pay per click or paid social, looking at SEO is a great place to begin.

We’re able to deliver SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) services and eCommerce SEO that can help your Portsmouth website get index quicker, deeper and more successfully by search engines, which in turn will deliver you a greater volume of qualified site visitors and ultimately drive more leads, conversions and sales from your website.

SEO is important for any website to succeed, but it’s even more important if it’s a source of leads or sales enquiries for your business. For local trades, professional services or charities, without organic search engine visibility you’re opportunities for getting noticed will be limited to social and paid activity.

Whether you’ve got a Portsmouth website or a national business, we’ve a proven track record in SEO over many years – always adapting to changing algorithms and search engine requirements.

Making sure your Portsmouth website site is optimized for search engines is a great way to make sure that you are doing all you can to attract good quality web traffic. Most websites sites today rely upon paid ads or social media to attract visitors, both of which definitely have a place in your digital marketing mix.

But both are what we call ‘fire and forget’ tactics, with short term impact but limited long term gain. Paid spend can influence organic ranking indirectly, but it’s short term benefit rather than building a sustainable platform for search engine results for your Portsmouth business.

SEO and Local Listing Management

Amongst our many eCommerce clients, we’re proud to have led the digital strategy for the world’s favourite doughnut brand in the UK and Ireland since 2018 and this includes Search Engine Optimisation and local listing management.

eCommerce Agency

Portsmouth SEO Services

On Page SEO

We ensure that your Portsmouth website is organised optimally for user experience and for search engines and that the navigation, structure and content is as it should be.

Technical SEO

We're experts in optimising your site infrastructure, code, plugins and hosting to ensure your site is presented to search engines correctly.

Link Building

We achieve quality links through blogger outreach that is 100% genuine and ethical so your SEO gains are organic and sustainable for the long term.

Our SEO Credentials

We are WaaSup, a Portsmouth  SEO and digital marketing agency with many years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation for businesses small and large. Portsmouth is our home, but we look after companies across the United Kingdom who are looking for great quality SEO, without being blinded by science or hit with crazy charges.

Our search consultants have brought greater web traffic and paying customers to our clients’ websites with high quality online marketing tactics including PPC and Social, but SEO is our heartland.

Our expertise spans ethical link building, working with clients on multinational sites and global SEO strategy, producing engaging content, keyword research, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), local SEO to dominate Google Map Packs – we know how to rank businesses well in many different sectors.

The Value of SEO to Portsmouth businesses

It’s easy for SEO consultants to simply post long winded blogs stuffed with keywords, but if no-one reads the content, what’s the point?

99% of our Portsmouth clients have an ultimate goal of website engagement consideration and conversion to a lead or revenue.

Your website might be super slick, have neat functionality, but if it’s tucked away on page 20 of Google, then it might as well be digitally invisible. It’s proven that first page search results deliver over 90%  of all website traffic, so organic SEO success through page 1 listings is a must for businesses who want to take on their competition.

Our Portsmouth SEO team estimate that Google’s search algorithm changes at least once per day – SEO news talks mostly about big updates like  Google Panda and Google Penguin, but the SEO landscape is evolving constantly.

One constant is the fact that Google has and always will prioritise ethical SEO activity. Fundamentally, if a site provides user with what they’re looking for, then there’s a high chance it’ll be rewarded by Google in the rankings.

Don’t be taken in by promises from SEO consultants pledging instant wins with SEO – they’ll be taking liberties with SEO tactics using keyword stuffing, low-quality content and bringing you spammy low quality links.

It’s super important you have an SEO agency working for you that understands the risks of short cuts and takes steps to do the right thing not the fast thing. 

At WaaSup, we’ve seen the success that ethical SEO has on our client’s website traffic, leads and sales. We know how to build and evolve websites with the right customer and SEO focused content, site structure/taxonomy, and wrap these around a genuine outreach link building plan.

SEO Service Summary

Technical SEO – this often removing or adjusting cock ups from previous Portsmouth SEO companies and is all about ensuring Google can crawl your website easily and index the pages you want covered without difficulty.

Content Writing  – this is mainly semantic keyword and competitor research with the end result being the drafting and publishing of customer friendly, SEO focused long form content on all key pages of your Portsmouth website.

Link Building – this outreach to respected, credible and relevant websites to earn links to the content on your website. Don’t try and short cut this process for your SEO efforts or you’ll run the risk of penalties.

Mobile SEO – For most of our clients, mobile traffic accounts for at least 70% of their visitor traffic, so it’s imperative that you ensure the mobile browsing experience on your Portsmouth website is top notch – from speed to correct display to function.

Local Search – for Portsmouth businesses looking to beat the competition, local SEO is super important – this is primarily about getting top ranking in Google’s map pack, but it also related to other local citation sites to ensure that your brand is represented consistently across local directories and maps.

Underpinning all we do from an SEO perspective is reporting. For our Portsmouth clients, we ensure that our reporting is on time, easy to digest and transparent. SEO is often seen as a dark art – we attempt to demystify the process and ensure you’re getting SEO value for money.

We analyse the metrics that matter to ensure you’re gaining traffic, organically rank well, and see genuine SEO results that impact your bottom line positively. Whether its the reach and engagement generated by our content marketing, or uplift from white hat link building, we track all of out efforts and hours put in to show the progress your Portsmouth site is making from an SEO perspective.

While monthly SEO reports should be bread and butter for digital marketing agencies in Portsmouth, our SEO reports break down item by item what work is being done, why, and when. Transparency and communication are at the heart of our agency’s approach.

Why our SEO works

Put simply, because we care and we know what we’re doing. From SEO analysis and audits for your Portsmouth website, to web development, social media marketing and PPC, our range of digital marketing services is second to none.

We’re a competitive agency, especially when it comes to Portsmouth businesses succeeding online. So even though much of SEO is quite technical and mundane, we take pride in doing the hard yards to get you SEO results. Whether it’s monthly technical check ins on your website to look at errors and issues that need fixing, or updating content to keep your site fresh, we take pride in our SEO work that goes alongside the more fun web development activity.

Unlike some Portsmouth SEO agencies (even more so with generalist marketing agencies), we understand the value of the work that goes on behind the scenes in successful SEO.

Knowing what we’re doing can be evidenced by our results, but here’s the kind of SEO activity you can expect from us if you engage us for your Portsmouth SEO challenges:

Site maps – ensuring that your website sitemap is as it should be, up to date, has correct mark up and is being indexed correctly in Google Search Console. We can help you get to grips with this SEO platform – it contains a wealth of information from which you can self serve any time to suit.

Structure – We’ll help you create a taxonomy and navigation structure that ensures your website users and Google know exactly where they are on your site they are and how to navigate with the minimum number of clicks to a desired action.

Server side optimisation – We’ll quickly spot issues that the server hosting your website may have – from speed challenges to suggestions on using Content Delivery Networks and leveraging compression technology or plugins for WordPress.

Speed – We can’t overplay how important website speed is to your SEO. Ensuring that your page loads (fully and time to first byte or contentful paint) as fast as possible is a key technical SEO task and we’ll take the time to check and optimise the number of internal and external requests. Tasks to help with page load speed include removing unnecessary HTML code including inline styling and class names.

Metadata – the days of this being the be all and end all of SEO are gone, but from a user perspective and driving SERPS conversion, they remain really important.

Internal Linking – this is a top tactic to use, both for users of your website and for Google. The correct use of internal linking within the body of the content of a page and not just in menu items helps users navigate to useful content and also provides signals to Google on relevant content within your site.

Link building – we work with publishers, bloggers, and reputable website owners to get links for our Portsmouth clients. This will include guest blogging on relevant and trustworthy websites that will help drive traffic and credibility to your website.

In Detail: On Page SEO

On-page SEO for Portsmouth websites is the optimisation of various elements of your web pages, including copy, visuals, internal linking and site layout.

The first step is to ensure that Google is able to crawl and index your website. 

From there, we’ll look at areas such as heading structure, image alternative text, internal link structure and meta data (titles and descriptions) to ensure that your site delivers great user experiences and search engine crawlability.

Web page content is another key component of on page SEO. How relevant and keyword-specific it is to your users and their search intent are factors that Google takes into account when presenting results to any given query.

The days of keyword stuffing are long gone and doing this will inevitably end up in a Google penalty of some sort so we caution against this kind of tactic. 


In Detail: Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is activities done away from your website in an effort to increase your website’s search engine rankings versus Portsmouth competitors.

Common off-page SEO tactics include building backlinks, encouraging branded searches, and increasing engagement and shares on social media.

When it comes to off-page SEO, backlinks are really important, but it’s absolutely about quality over  quantity. You’re goal is to get Google and other search engines to see your website as trustworthy and authoritative.

Relevant links will drive your website above your Hampshire competitors in search results and we achieve quality links through blogger outreach that is 100% genuine outreach not automated or spammy and guaranteed to deliver links of at least Moz DA30+

Off page SEO isn’t just about links, it is also related to how your site is viewed across the web a a whole. Quality, timely and engaging social media activity is important and managing reviews across digital endpoints also matter to SEO.

In Detail: Technical SEO

This is often considered the science of SEO and includes analysing areas such as your Robots.txt, the url structure of your site, breadcrumb menus, the implementation of Structured Data Markup, Canonical URLs, XML Sitemap Optimization and browser caching.

Technical SEO will uncover and reveal those key geekery components that are may be holding your Portsmouth website back from SEO greatness. 

Site infrastructure, page speed and good code are important in ensuring your website can be crawled and indexed by Google and deliver a great user experience for your visitors.

Our Portsmouth SEO technical work covers sitemaps, robots.txt and 301 redirects, plus crucial work around page speed, site architecture and structured data markup – none of these are exciting SEO tasks, but we love making sure that your website is structured correctly to benefit from the wider SEO activity we undertake.

Ensuring technical SEO excellence is the absolute foundation of further SEO initiatives – without it, you’ll always be struggling to make progress. 

Whenever we’re engaged as a Portsmouth SEO agency, we always kick of a new project with our 100 point SEO Audit that identifies the full scope of SEO work that needs to happen.

This enables us to not only see what has been done in the past and what should be done in the future, but it enables us to price an SEO programme correctly. Some Portsmouth websites in particular sectors are relatively easy, others (such as finance or insurance) take quite a bit longer.

Our SEO audit of the website will help to shape the best way for the site to start to perform better and we’ll be able to confidently predict when you’ll start to reap the rewards.


The success of every digital marketing campaign is determined by the quality of your initial strategy and SEO is no different.

Our Portsmouth SEO strategy is underpinned by initial market research where we benchmark and assess your competitors and how they are performing on Google and the ‘why’ that sits behind this. We will also audit and review your overall SEO performance and health of your website to understand why your site is performing as it is and an action plan to improve.

From this initial benchmark, monitoring ongoing SEO performance is simply a matter of transparent, clear reporting each week/month to our clients. In our reporting we’ll break down our work by on page/off page/technical and provide dashboards of the impact of this activity, alongside ROI estimates.

Who do we work with on SEO?

We’re trusted by small businesses and international brands to manage their SEO effectively, transparently and with an ethical and sustainable approach to SEO.

Whilst many so called SEO consultants promise a lot, they invariably either under deliver or compromise the integrity of clients’ brands through poor SEO execution or short cuts and black hat SEO.

The difference in service to our clients local or national is not related to quality of SEO work, just the amount of effort required to achieve great results.  Portsmouth SEO work often focuses on local SEO which is slightly less time consuming, but equally we’ve worked with brands in the area who have a national presence and our processes and principles remain the same.

What do we charge for Portsmouth SEO?

We love nothing more than working with ambitious brands and unlocking digital potential they never knew they had through Portsmouth SEO consultancy.

Pricing of our SEO packages is based on whether you’re looking for local or national impact and on the competitiveness of your niche. Local SEO packages start from £199 per month and national SEO packages from £599 per month.

Link building prices vary depending on niche, content type and the sites selected for linking, but range from £75 to £750 per genuine outreach powered link.

eCommerce product descriptions are priced per description and start from £25 per SKU.

Where we work.

Areas covered for our Portsmouth SEO include all of Hampshire and parts of  West Sussex. Key towns and cities include Portsmouth Web Design Southsea, Gosport, Waterlooville, Hayling Island, Rowlands Castle and in West Sussex, Chichester and Bosham. 

We believe that the web should be accessible to all and pride ourselves on offering free web design for businesses and charities local to us in Hampshire. Unfortunately due to high demand locally, our community free web design is only available to businesses and charities in Hampshire and West Sussex.